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This is just a little lockdown project to familiarise myself with nodeJS and Pug. was the first domain I registered at the age of 15, back in the year 2000. I was pleasantly surprised to find after years on and off with domain squatters, it was still available. This page simply lists the most recent entries from my blog (via RSS), and is running on a Linux box. Its purpose: for me to get to know the basics before diving into more complex projects.

The Tablet Dilemma: Powerful Laptop Replacement or Casual Consumption Device? - iMarc

Earlier this week Apple announced a new version of the iPad Pro, a £749 tablet that includes pretty much the same internals as the other recent Macs including the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini. Once you up the storage to a more acceptable (but still bare minimum) 256GB and add in the … Continue reading The Tablet Dilemma: Powerful Laptop Replacement or Casual Consumption Device?

Apple, Please Make It Easier To Report Scam Apps - iMarc

I was searching Apple’s App Store for something and came across a bunch of apps from a developer who offers a suite of apps that seem designed to confuse customers into paying for in-app purchases and subscriptions under false pretences. First there is a “Find My AirPods” type app which costs $4.99 a month and … Continue reading Apple, Please Make It Easier To Report Scam Apps

The Little Things: View Current Headphone Decibel Level on iOS - iMarc

A quick tip for iOS users. It’s possible to view the dB level that is currently being produced by your headphones at any time on iOS. This is useful if you want to make sure that your headphones don’t get too loud. To view the decibel level, you’ll first need to add the “Hearing” widget … Continue reading The Little Things: View Current Headphone Decibel Level on iOS

Online Advertising Might Be One Giant Scam - iMarc

If you listen to only one podcast this week then it should be the latest episode of Talking Politics featuring the great documentary film-maker Adam Curtis. I recommend listening to the entire episode, the bit at the 29 minutes was of particular interest as he explores the modern Internet, whether online advertising can possibly work, … Continue reading Online Advertising Might Be One Giant Scam

20 Years of macOS - iMarc

It is 2021 and would you believe it, macOS is 20 years old. Like someone who found out about band before they became famous, I used Mac OS X back when it was a strangely futuristic operating system that most people had never heard of.  I left school in the summer of 2001 and to … Continue reading 20 Years of macOS

No Video Calls on Friday - iMarc

The Guardian on Citigroup banning internal video calls on Fridays:: Global investment bank Citigroup has banned work video calls on Fridays in an attempt to help employees break free from the “relentlessness of the pandemic workday”. Jane Fraser, Citi’s new chief executive, told staff that the last day of the working week would be known … Continue reading No Video Calls on Friday

Saying Goodbye to Podcast “Subscriptions” - iMarc

Apple is ditching the word ‘Subscribe’ as a means to describe the act of telling your favourite podcast player to keep checking a particular feed and have the latest episode available at a moment’s notice. Instead it will use “Follow”, which seems to make a lot more sense as a way represent passively consuming a … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Podcast “Subscriptions”

Monetising Hobbies - iMarc

I am looking for ways to monetise my running.  I usually run 5 kilometres a couple of times during the week and a longer 10 mile (16.10K) run at the weekend. This is a heavy time investment. The 5K runs take between 22 and 30 minutes depending on the weather, my energy levels and the … Continue reading Monetising Hobbies

M1 Macs Really Are ‘Always-On’ - iMarc

Apple’s new M1 Macs use the same ‘always-on’ processor technology that mobile devices have been using for years. It has always been imperative that a mobile phone must be permanently sitting and listening, waiting for a call or message to come in, so it can sound the ringtone. Modern tablets such as the iPad evolved … Continue reading M1 Macs Really Are ‘Always-On’

Time to Turn Off Video to Avoid Online Meeting Fatigue? - iMarc

Researchers at Stanford have identified four causes of what they call “Zoom fatigue”. They all resonate with me as someone who has a lot of online meetings,. (Though I’m not keen on the attempt to turn “Zoom” into a generic noun!) I recommend reading the article in full, but the four causes boil down to … Continue reading Time to Turn Off Video to Avoid Online Meeting Fatigue?

Moving Away From LastPass Premium - iMarc

LastPass made headlines recently because it’s stripping back its free offering and asking users to pay for features that were once bundled for free. I’ve been a paid LastPass subscriber for over 5 years, and over that time it has become a critical part of both my professional and home workflows. The problem is the … Continue reading Moving Away From LastPass Premium

Chrome Uses More RAM by Design - iMarc

Great video by Matt that shows that Chrome isn’t always that different to Safari in its memory consumption as others have found. Most of my daily collaboration is done using Microsoft Teams, which is an Electron app – which is to say a web application bundled in its own Chromium wrapper so it can run … Continue reading Chrome Uses More RAM by Design

‘M1 Mac Users Report Excessive SSD Usage’ - iMarc

From 9to5 Mac: Some advanced users have been reporting an overuse of the SSD for writing and reading data on the newly-released Macs with M1, Apple’s first computer chip based on ARM architecture. The issue could eventually affect the lifespan of the internal SSD used in M1 Macs — not to mention the machine itself. … Continue reading ‘M1 Mac Users Report Excessive SSD Usage’

Botched Cosmetic Surgery - iMarc

Riccardo Mori has written a thoroughly enjoyable critique of the the latest macOS user interface design. This passage in particular made me laugh: The Mac’s user interface is undergoing plastic surgery by the hand of surgeons who have studied on iOS books. The result is pretty much the same as when you see a favourite … Continue reading Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Squashing Services Into Apps - iMarc

Lee asks Are Apple ruining user experience to promote their own services? – While using the Fitness app earlier today it occurred to me that the answer is most definitely yes! The current incarnation of the Fitness app (formally known as Activity) now squashes in Activity History, current day, workout lists, awards, and the recently … Continue reading Squashing Services Into Apps