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This is just a little lockdown project to familiarise myself with nodeJS and Pug. was the first domain I registered at the age of 15, back in the year 2000. I was pleasantly surprised to find after years on and off with domain squatters, it was still available. This page simply lists the most recent entries from my blog (via RSS), and is running on a Linux box. Its purpose: for me to get to know the basics before diving into more complex projects.

A New Age of Web Censorship? - iMarc

Opinions are understandably mixed as to whether it was right for Twitter, Facebook et al. to remove Donald Trump’s various accounts from their servers. Amazon blocking access to the prominent alternative Parler, which was welcoming Trump and his followers with open arms was also questionable. There is a genuine debate to be had about whether … Continue reading A New Age of Web Censorship?

Now It’s Amazon’s Turn to Block Parler - iMarc

Update: 10/01/2021 05:40. Amazon it seems to have listened to me. (Or have come to the view by some other means, which let’s face it, is probably more likely.) Good for them. After Twitter banned Donald Trump following his attempted coup on Wednesday, it seems many of his followers are leaving Twitter and joining Parler, … Continue reading Now It’s Amazon’s Turn to Block Parler

What Is a Console? - iMarc

I was recently listening to John Gruber and Rene Ritchie speaking on an episode of The Talk Show. They both make the argument that by calling an iOS device a console, it somehow justifies Apple’s position that the only way to load software onto it should be via their App Store. Have a listen. While … Continue reading What Is a Console?

Microsoft Is Replacing Outlook With a Web App - iMarc

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is planning to replace the aging native Outlook apps for both Windows and Mac with a Chromium-wrapped HTML app. I came across this link thanks to John Gruber, whose take on it is unsurprisingly negative – within the Mac community there is a definite preference for native over web software … Continue reading Microsoft Is Replacing Outlook With a Web App

Nurturing Your Default Network - iMarc

Your Default Network is a pattern of neurons that fire when you are not actively concentrating on anything. It’s what we call daydreaming. It has been linked to creativity and our ability to reflect on the past, and prepare for the future. Yet with so many distractions at our fingertips, it’s easy to forego daydreaming … Continue reading Nurturing Your Default Network

Tech Themes for 2021 - iMarc

2020 was such an unpredictable year, but hopefully 2021 will be much better. In terms of the big themes for technology, here are my thoughts on what is likely to be on our collective minds over the next year. Regulation,  Regulation, Regulation The Internet is about to get more regulated, and it’s long overdue. Whether … Continue reading Tech Themes for 2021

End of Year Housekeeping - iMarc

A quick and boring housekeeping update: I’ve changed the domain of this site to be I had originally gone with when I started the site earlier this year, but over the summer I jotted down all the domains I own, their annual cost and divided that figure by 12 and realised I was … Continue reading End of Year Housekeeping

Is Chrome Bad? - iMarc

According to Loren Brichter, Chrome is bad. He’s been having some slowdowns on his Mac, and removing Chrome along with its associated update process called KeyStone seemed to fix the slowness issues. Other people have concurred, while others have understandably demanded some evidence, comparing it to the myth that closing apps on an iPhone speeds … Continue reading Is Chrome Bad?

AirPods Pro Battery Degradation Over a Year - iMarc

I’ve had my AirPods Pro just shy of one year now. The left AirPod however was replaced a few weeks ago. I used them today for a couple of hours and noticed for the first time how much faster the battery drained on the older AirPod. 13%! What a difference a year makes. There could … Continue reading AirPods Pro Battery Degradation Over a Year

The Smaller Joys of 2020 - iMarc

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been a strange year. With much of the world in and out of lockdowns, something none of us with have though conceivable only months prior, it has been a watershed moment in many ways. While the news has been consistently awful as we’ve been stuck … Continue reading The Smaller Joys of 2020

Looking Back: Christmas Reading - iMarc

Christmas in 2020 will obviously be very different for many people, but like many people at Christmas I find myself looking back to my childhood, as let’s be honest, that’s when Christmas is at it’s best isn’t it? On the topic of looking back, here are two fantastic articles from The Register that are by … Continue reading Looking Back: Christmas Reading

What’s in a Domain? - iMarc

I came across this fascinating blog post about how one man and a few Ruby scripts managed to register what he estimates amounts to $1,000,000 worth of domain names. Many of the examples he registered are single word domain names such as and This set me wondering whether domain names really matter that … Continue reading What’s in a Domain?

“Do Not Disturb” as the Default - iMarc

I’d really like to see mobile operating systems make less of a fuss when you have “Do Not Disturb” switched on. While the feature is a useful one, having a banner across the home screen, or an omnipresent icon at the top of the watch face only seeks to signify that not wanting to be … Continue reading “Do Not Disturb” as the Default

Why Do Some Gamers Invert the Y Axis? - iMarc

The Guardian reports on a new study: It is one of the most contentious aspects of video game playing – a debate where opposing sides literally cannot see each other’s perspective. When the Guardian ran an article asking why a large minority of game players invert the Y axis on their controls – meaning that … Continue reading Why Do Some Gamers Invert the Y Axis?

AirPods Rapid Warranty Replacement - iMarc

Kudos to Apple for getting a replacement AirPod Pro out to me within three days of me reporting the fault. Without any notice, a single AirPod arrived at my door in this cute little box. My AirPods Pro had developed the known fault where one of them (in my case the left one) starts to … Continue reading AirPods Rapid Warranty Replacement